October 22, 2019

You know you’re a boomer if …

— You grew up believing that eating all your vegetables would help starving children in China.

— You took an Iowa Test with a No. 2 pencil in school … and that’s all you ever knew about Iowa.

— When you were a child, your favorite television shows were hosted by clowns, cowboys or hand puppets.

— Growing up, you spent Saturday mornings watching cartoons, Saturday afternoons at a matinee movie and Saturday evenings playing outside.

— You know George Reeves is the real Superman and Clayton Moore is the only Lone Ranger.

— You remember TV stations signing off the air at night with “The Star-Spangled Banner” and starting each day with test patterns.

— Somewhere in the back of your closet you have a pair of bellbottom pants, a paisley blouse or platform shoes.

— Your memories of “tripping the light fantastic” have nothing to do with dancing.

— You know how to do the Teaberry Shuffle.

— You once thought guys with mullets were cool.

— The notion that gas would cost more than 50 cents a gallon someday was ridiculous.

— Hitchhiking was once an acceptable form of transportation to you.

— Your current mail consists of AARP newsletters, Cialis coupons and Amberen samples.