December 8, 2019

My Single Peeps: Becca M.

Becca is a close friend. My daughter, Sydney, saw me hug her hello one day and said, “Becca’s your best friend.” I felt a little pushed into it, but maybe she’s right. We’re BFFs — best friends forever.  And Sydney knew before we did.

Becca’s the kind of girl guys love to hang out with. Her two roommates are both guys. All of them have been friends since at least high school. One of them, Jason L., was also a Single Peep.

My wife and I had our nanny come last Saturday — a rare treat. My sister’s looking to move to Los Angeles, and my wife gave her a tour. I had an audition and had to stay back. Also, being trapped in the car with my sister and wife while they tour houses I can’t afford seems like an awful way to spend a Saturday. So I met up with Becca for lunch. Then we got my car washed. We killed time by going shopping. I bought my wife a dress. I helped Becca pick out an outfit for an upcoming date. We drove to Fat Dog and ordered a beer and oysters. We had a great time. I told my wife.  She said, “Sounds like you had a pretty nice date.” I laughed. Then I realized she might have been right. I did have a great date. Except for the fact that I’m sometimes happily married. And I have kids. And I love my wife. And although I love Becca, I don’t want to make love to Becca. I want someone else to. So I’m putting her on My Single Peeps.

Becca, who’s 27, grew up in Agoura. She works as a nurse — she’s with hospice now, but she’s moving to Children’s Hospital in March. Her father, a Dutch Jew, is an oncologist, so she grew up seeing her father care for the sick, and it rubbed off on her.  She’s caring, but not weak. She’s tough. She’s beautiful. She’s very smart. She worked extremely hard through nursing school and always worried about failing tests that came back almost perfect. She’s funny. She can handle guys being guys. But she likes to be treated like a lady. I can tell by her horrified face every time I push the envelope … which is pretty often. I tend to treat her like my little sister, but not every girl appreciates the delicate comedic nuances of a “noogie.” Especially when she’s trying to flirt with a guy at a bar.

Becca likes good, solid guys. Feet firmly planted on the ground with an eye toward the future. She wants a family and wants him to want one, too. He should be nice. He should be funny. But he should have some edge. Just slightly unpolished and quirky enough to keep him cool and interesting while he reports on a war in the Middle East, separates conjoined twins in a dangerous and rare surgical procedure or finishes Mrs. Goldman’s taxes.  

He also needs to pass my test — much more stringent than hers. Because whomever she marries will be friends with us forever. Because we’re BFFs. And Becca and I take that last F very, very seriously.

After this week, My Single Peeps will be on hiatus for a few weeks while Seth Menachem pursues his acting career. Expect to see more again in March. 

Seth Menachem is an actor and writer living in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. You can see more of his work on his Web site,, and meet even more single peeps at