October 22, 2019

J-Lo Visits Western Wall After Tel-Aviv Show

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Jenny from the block, or Jenny from the shuk?

On Friday, global superstar Jennifer Lopez visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, following a hyped, albeit controversial, Thursday night concert in Tel Aviv. The 50-year-old singer performed in Tel Aviv on Aug. 1 despite pressure by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to cancel her performance.

Lopez is not the first major artist to face pressure from the BDS movement to cancel a scheduled concert in the Jewish State. Bon Jovi, Radiohead and Lorde all recently garnered criticism for performances planned in Israel. In the face of pressure from anti-Israel activists, however, Bon Jovi and Radiohead went on with their shows, while Lorde capitulated and cancelled.

Now that J-Lo has visited the Western Wall, the “I’m Real” singer has to record, “Is-Real.”