November 19, 2018

David Schwimmer to Play Debra Messing’s Boyfriend

Is Grace Adler finally getting her nice Jewish guy? “Friends” alumnus David Schwimmer has been cast as Debra Messing’s love interest on “Will & Grace,” which returns to NBC for its second post-reboot season on Oct. 4. No details were provided about the character’s name, occupation, how he will be introduced, or whether he’s actually Jewish, but Schwimmer is expected to appear in at least five episodes.

Messing expressed her excitement over the casting in a tweet, writing,” Grace is getting a <3 INTEREST!!!!!! Yes that’s right! David Schwimmer is coming to play in my sandbox and I. AM. PSYCHED!!!!!”

Other confirmed “Will & Grace” guest stars this season include Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack.