Film about Life on a Samarian Hilltop Takes Top Prize

March 18, 2014

There's been a recent slate of alternative “settler” storytelling lately.

First, there were the “>The Settler. A reality show on Israel's Channel 10 called “The Settler” follows a journalist who lives beyond the Green Line and his attempts to “settle” into people's lives as their coach. And now, Chen Klein, a young filmmaker at Ariel University, has added a film to what I hope is a budding genre.

Her graduate film, “Nahala (Inheritance)” took home “Best Picture” at Ariel University's graduate screening and award show at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque on March 5, 2014. The camera follows Klein, her husband, and their toddler as they attempt, with internal and external challenges, to build a home in a caravan on a Samarian hilltop.

The film was acquired by YES, Israel's satellite television and is expected to garner critical attention at film festivals.