March 28, 2020

Outings Part 2: How to do fun things with two

Taking your kids to the park, the kids museum, the pumpkin patch, the carnival, etc. are all good and fun. However, I’ve noticed that all the cool things to do in Los Angeles for kids require a reservation in advance or require that you be in line when they open to avoid long lines (killers with kids), bad parking situations, or are sold out. I had grand plans this summer to take both kids (and my mom for that extra set of hands) to the Hollywood Bowl for a daytime concert. It was the last concert of the season and I somehow convinced myself that I didn’t need to buy tickets in advance. This was definitely an incorrect assumption because everyone in Los Angeles seems to not only have kids, but the ability to take them to weekday concerts! After schlepping from the Valley into Hollywood at 10am, we get to the Bowl only to be told it is sold out. So, what did we do? We schlepped to the Grove instead. Free, easy, and no tickets required.

There is many a day that I dream of going to music shows like I did before I had kids. And I’m not that afraid to take my kids to concerts. The only problem is that they start after 7pm, which as everyone knows, is bedtime. Is there any good way to do these fun things you used to do before you had kids, with your kids? Does everything have to be a kid focused show? What about your music? On a side note, I still refuse to play any kiddy music in my car. My car, my music, I say to my screaming 3 year old who is demanding the “Frozen” soundtrack. I think the easiest age to do anything remotely “adult” is when you have one kid, and she is under 6 months old. You plop her in a carrier, she falls asleep, and you have hours to enjoy yourself, drink in hand. An unpredictable pre-schooler and a crawling almost toddler? Not so much.

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