February 27, 2020

DIY: Make a succulent terrarium for your indoor garden

Hello lovely readers! I'm back with my newest DIY post. Today, we're making terrariums. Why terrariums? Well…

As much as I love my new apartment, the biggest issue I have with it is that it lacks a balcony or patio–so there's no place for a real garden.

Because I love gardening (and just being around plants) I decided to try my hand at indoor gardening. I know succulents are pretty hard to kill, so they seemed like a good first plant. Who knows? If they survive more than a week, I might also get a philodendron! Or create an herb garden! THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

But back to the terrarium. Terrariums are great because 1) they're cheap and easy to make 2) they handle neglect relatively well and 3) they give you a little plant life and greenery in your otherwise plant-free living quarters.

So without further babbling…the instructions!


a succulent