November 20, 2018

Reading Zester Daily

There are so many food web sites.  I would say, “Everybody and their mother has a food blog,” but in fact my mother doesn’t.  She reads mine.

Few people doubt their own tastebuds.  Even the world’s most insecure person knows what he likes to eat.  We may doubt we are experts in what we do for a living, in what we know about thew orld, even in things as intimate as sex and love—but we are all experts when it comes to what we like to eat.  Hence, Yelp reviews.  Hence, food blogs.

Among all the food sites, a handful stand out as using writers who really are expert.  Who really research, employ solid journalistic techniques, have a broad and deep range of experience in food, and know their way around the English language. is the brainchild of former Los Angeles Times wine editor Corie Brown. It will not give you snark and Celebrity Food Sightings and breathless (and often paid-for) reviews of so-called hot new restaurants.  It delivers thoughtful, well-researched pieces about food and wine from around the world, by established food writers.  And here’s a novel concept: they are well-edited.  And here’s a mind-blowing concept: the writers are paid on a revenue sharing basis. Are you listening, Arianna?

That’s right— functions as a kind of syndication service, on the belief that quality is worth a price.

You the reader benefit from this, as the site attracts authoritative food writers like Clifford Wright, Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Joan Nathan, Charles Perry and more.

Two weeks ago, Corie asked me to be on some sort of advisory board for ZesterDaily, which as far as I can tell requires me to show up at her house whenever I can, sip some of her husband Chris’ incredible scotch, and eat whatever delicious food she has made. Would that all advisory boards were so demanding.

In the meantime, click over and check out ZesterDaily and its new site design. Make it something you do…daily.