December 8, 2019


I certainly shout I choose freedom
past the heavens
They touch it, swing by the birds, doing double takes, being spun around,

what was that?

I certainly am freedom in the depths of me,
And I choose that light through a crouching prayer
The seeker seeds the sower.

I certainly breathe I choose freedom with every fiber of my body
and hold it there and hold it there and let it go.

I imagine certainly choosing freedom
when it comes towards me to take me out of Egypt,
I choose freedom
what it looks like is beyond the beyond,
like the bracelets on my feet are bells, like the licorice of manna, like everything that has happened and is happening. It’s our choice—it’s our time—to choose the freedom we don’t even know about yet, the one beyond our imaginations and liminalities and emanations.

To come close to freedom and smell it and still not know what it is
To come close to the center and knowing it, sometimes being close is so close and we realize we are being it.

Sometimes I get beside you, and you me, and see how 
everybody's freedom

what is freedom, what is free?
It’s one step now,
Step two

the light inside and the one transcending
the transcendant—getting to meet.
It’s a cloud of global history reigning down, telling its story
of freedom.