November 21, 2018


Bob English, my old friend and former esteemed UCLA colleague, now the poet laureate of Santa Barbara, has composed the following poem in honor of the eminent American statesman and presidential candidate


by Bob English

Old Saint  Trump has gifts for all.
He's wrapping in ribbons a monster wall
To keep out bad guys, hombres malo.
(How much, amigos, can we swallow?)

He draws great crowds, north and  south,
With his greatest gift, his big fat mouth;
Which is not attached to his brain,
So blather spouts like El Nino rain.

He'll restore our honor, and do it nobly,
By kicking ass, and doing it globally.
And putting boots on the ground
Where 'er there's trouble world around.

“Peace on earth, goodwill toward men…”

Refugees need not apply.
Each might be a Muslim spy.
As for Latinos, criminals all!
He'll stop 'em dead with his Godzilla wall.

He's mixing a punch for Christmas cheer:
One part anger, one part fear,
That will lift us from the Obama slump.
HOLIDAY GREETINGS from Old Saint Trump!