December 12, 2018

LeAnn Rimes + Giuliana Rancic = Garbage

Someone at E! must owe Giuliana Rancic a huge favor to have green lit an hour long special on LeAnn Rimes.  Rimes is not interesting and Guiliana kissing her ass for an hour is embarrassing.  I watched this show because I was curious about how many lies this woman would tell, and to see how far Rancic would go to kill any journalistic credibility she may have had.

When Rancic opened the show by describing Rimes as one the most talented entertainers of our generation, I knew we were in for an hour long crap fest. Rancic is 5 minutes in and kissing the boney ass of Rimes.  How can we take her seriously when she says they are friends?  Clearly she is trying to help her friend get out of the hole she has dug for herself by being herself.

The fake and pathetic interview starts with the affair of LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian.  LeAnn laughs at the mention of it and it is quite creepy.  She does not seem to be remorseful or even embarrassed.  She says the stress of being caught in the affair is what caused her to lose so much weight.  By stress of course she means an alleged addiction to laxatives.

Both Rancic and Rimes refer to LeAnn as “America’s Sweetheart” and it makes me laugh.  Are they kidding?  Rimes was never America’s Sweetheart.  That title is reserved for the likes of Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, or Julia Roberts, not Rimes who was a great singer, a long time ago, for a short time. Just because she started as a kid does not make her beloved.

She speaks of her stolen childhood and how it has led to her having intense and deep therapy.  She tells us she was crying uncontrollably and depressed, which made her get help.  I am so sick of hearing this woman complain about her childhood.  She was a talented kid, who was blessed to find success, and she needs to stop whining about how hard it all was.

She says the decision to be a singer was made at age 5, and that even though she said nobody pushed her, she says now that they did.  She says she pushed herself and the contradictions start to pile up.  As Rancic reviews her career, we are reminded of exactly how talented she is, and the amazing career she had before becoming a home wrecking slut bag.

When Rancic says people don’t really know who Rimes is, she says she does not even know who she is.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  Who scripted this for her? What a load of crap.  She then talks about how child stars have a life nobody else understands and I am wondering how it is possible this woman is worth an hour of primetime television.  There is nothing appealing about her.

She speaks of her stepsons as her “bonus” sons and I find myself liking her even less.  She has no idea how idiotic and stupid she sounds and you have to wonder exactly how much she pays Eddie to allow him to sit back and say nothing when she speaks in such an ignorant way.  They are not her bonus anything. They are her husband’s kids and she is disrespectful.

Rimes talks about her first marriage to her backup dancer.  She was 19, he was 21, and she says now she was too young.  She says their marriage was more about friendship than love and I think it is disgusting for her to think we will believe her marriage was falling apart, which led to the affair.  Does she think she is less of a whore if we think her marriage was over?

She was married for eight years and was trying to make it work, but then she met Eddie.  She says they are soul mates, but also connected on a business level. Seriously funny. She says part of their chemistry is also because they are both only children.  LeAnn Rimes is a moron and Rancic is putting words in her mouth.  They are friends because they are both stupid and don't eat.

Then the crying starts and stops in the blink of an eye.  Her hand movements are distracting and she has never felt hurt and love so deeply.  She talks about how a song on her new record was an apology to her ex-husband.  He asked her who the song was about she could not tell him, though it pained her to lie.  Really?  She is a pathological lair so why was it so hard?

LeAnn says she does not like the term home wrecker.  She thinks someone should come up with a new term for her.  How about “Slut Banging Other Chick’s Husbands” or “SBBOCH”.  LeAnn Rimes is a SBBOCH.  I like it!  She wants Eddie’s ex-wife Brandi to be happy and I’m laughing.  Then her husband shows up and lets be honest, he really is divine looking.

He is perfection in the looks department and I don’t get how she landed him. I mean I get that she bought him, in much the same way that a desperate and lonely old woman buys a gigolo, but still, he really traded down when he went from Brandi to LeAnn.  He may not have to work, but he needs to wake up to that each day, knowing his kids will one day hate her.  Big risk.

When asked about the Twitter bullying and her lawsuit, she says it’s not a big deal and she has bigger things going on in her life.  Is she serious?  It is the biggest thing going on in the lives of the people she is suing.  What a bitchy comment.  Drop the lawsuit if it is not a big deal.  This woman is crazy and I am embarrassed for her.  This interview did her no good.

I will not buy her album.  I think she is an amazing singer, but for her to make money on the heartache of others is gross to me.  This chick gets me worked up and I find myself wanting to sit down with her and tell her exactly what people think about her because I honestly believe she has no clue.  LeAnn needs a dose of reality from someone who could not care less.

Sidebar: Did anyone else think it was interesting that all the photos LeAnn used to show how happy her family is were taking by the Paparazzi?  It's so odd that she speaks of how reality TV is bad for her husband's kids, but she puts them on TV, online, and Twitter constantly.  HS eis using those kids for publicity and to cause pain to a mother, just for sport.

The only thing we learned in the interview is that Giuliana Rancic is not a journalist as much as she is an ass kissing fame whore. It was made very clear that LeAnn Rimes is delusional and needs someone, anyone, to tell her the truth.  I actually feel sorry for her and suggest she get a new PR team because this hour did nothing good for her career or reputation.

If LeAnn Rimes wants people to take her seriously when she says she is happy and moving on with her life, then she needs to drop the Twitter lawsuits, and issue a public apology to Brandi Glanville for crossing the line in terms of her behavior with Eddie’s kids.  Then and only then will people be able to take her seriously and believe she is keeping it real.