September 23, 2019

Artist of the Week: Ghiora Aharoni

“GER/The Stranger,” Ghiora Aharoni

Using sacred text engraved on the sculpture’s glass beakers in Hebrabic/Arabrew© — an
overlay of Hebrew and Arabic created by Aharoni — “GER/The Stranger” (2016) explores the duality created by the identification of “the other” and the potential for intercultural compassion:

“The stranger shall not lodge in the street: I will open my doors to the traveler.” Job

“Love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Deuteronomy

Prior to the opening of the Jerusalem Biennale, “GER/The Stranger” was installed temporarily at the Mount of Olives.

It currently is on exhibit in the main Biennale venue, on view through Nov. 15.