February 24, 2020

Don’t Lie to Me

Lies, lies, and more lies. What happened to the truth? Why do so many people obfuscate to the point of no possible return? Mince words to rival a fine dice only seen on cooking shows? There’s an epidemic of falsehoods in the land, and to be quite frank, Auntie is sick of the whole Pinocchio phenom.

Of course Auntie is not talking about telling a little tale to prevent harm—physical or emotional—to another person. Those little “white” lies are how we make it through the day sometimes. Ever been asked, “Do I look fat?” Anyone with an iota of sense knows to tread lightly with this question, and perhaps, tell a small (and kind) falsehood in this circumstance.

Or perhaps you’ve been dating a very nice, dear soul, but there’s just no passion? “It’s not you, it’s me,” is another of those little (acceptable) lies. But this is where Auntie draws the line. Too many “yes, you are wonderful” statements to children and guess what? We have now created yet another entitled brat in the world. So just stop. Be real. Be honest without being too harsh, and stop lying to yourself as you lie to the people around you.

Truthfully, here in the land of make-believe, the rules of the road when it comes to telling tales is a bit different—and naturally, Auntie has a Helpful Hint for you to use so that you don’t lose your job:

Having a hard time dealing with phonies, liars, cheaters, and their kind? Throw caution to the wind, and dare to tell them the truth. They probably won’t believe anything you say… and that, my darlings, is a bit of gold. Continue by telling the pretty little liar that she’s not only talented, but is also on her way to winning some kind of industry statuette.

That’s the thing—Auntie has found that telling the truth is shocking. No one believes you. They think you’re kidding, when you’re simply stating a fact or stating your mind. So tell the truth. They’ll probably think you’re lying anyway.