November 21, 2018

Webcast Interview: Iranian Jewish author Angella M. Nazarian explores remarkable women in new book

Today there are perhaps less than a dozen Iranian Jewish published authors living in the U.S. that have shared their experiences of fleeing the revolution-torn Iran, living in the Islamic regime of Iran and adjusting to new life as immigrants in the U.S. Still more have excelled in academia and begun writing about new wider issues unrelated to the Iranian Jewish community that are important to the general public. Iranian Jewish psychologist Angella M. Nazarian is among one of the new dynamic Iranian Jewish authors in the U.S. who has written about the challenges  of living life as a new immigrant and most recently written some gripping true stories of remarkable women living extraordinary lives worldwide.

I first interviewed Nazarian in December 2009 with the publication of her first book “Life as a Visitor” which chronicled the turbulent time of her life as a young Jewish girl fleeing Iran after the 1979 revolution and settling into a new life in Los Angeles. Earlier this month I caught up with Nazarian again to chat with her about her latest and third published book “Visionary Women”, in which she tells the stories of incredible women from around the world who have overcome their own obstacles and achieved the impossible in their different fields. Nazarian’s has painstakingly researched their experiences and tells the stories of pioneers such as the late world famous American poet Maya Angelou and the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

The following are portions of my very interesting interview with her about her latest book “Visionary Women”….








For more information about “Visionary Women” and Angella M. Nazarian visit her site.