A Moment in Time: L👀king from Another Perspective

January 31, 2020
Dear all,
While studying the story of the Exodus from our Torah, I found myself wondering, “What does it take to change someone’s mind?”
After all, our narrative teaches that Pharaoh faced Ten Plagues before letting the Israelite slaves go free.
I then thought of it in the context of the impeachment process. Many of our leaders (on both sides of the aisle) already have their minds made up regarding how they will vote. Will any evidence on either side sway them?
But most important, I think of how this plays out in my own life. Does my certainty about a conviction overlap my willingness to hear others? Executive coach: Muriel Maignan Wilkins points out the signs of our own stubbornness:
  • You keep at an idea or plan, or insist on making your point, even when you know you’re wrong.
  • You do something you want to do even if no one else wants to do it.
  • When others present an idea, you tend to point out all the reasons it won’t work.
  • You visibly feel anger, frustration, and impatience when others try to persuade you of something you don’t agree with.
  • You agree to or commit halfheartedly to others’ requests, when you know all along that you’re going to do something entirely different.
Yes, we can analyze our Bible stories, and yes, we can point fingers at national figures. But let’s be willing to take a moment in time to be self-aware, allowing our minds and hearts to be open to other perspectives. When we do this, the doors of possibility will allow heaven and earth to kiss!
With love and Shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro
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