April 1, 2020

Taking Action, An exclusive with one of the Co-Founders from “Invisible Children”

There are those times when we arrive at a crossroad in our lives when a particular place with a set of circumstances all point to a moment that we can decide to use our actions to set a course that has the power to make a difference beyond our wildest imagination.  When film student, Bobby Bailey, arrived in Uganda in his early 20′s to find stories to film, he never thought he would have ended up at one of those crossroads.

We all have crossroads that whisper our destiny and that position us in the perfect place to be able to create change for others, which inherently can affect positive change and outcomes in ourselves.  In my search for finding meaning and purpose, I was blessed to have had the chance to interview Bobby and find out how he found the story that became one of the greatest movements of our generation.  “We had no idea that Uganda was even a war zone. I was a kid, I got my news from MTV, what did I know.” And yet, upon arriving in Uganda after a long day of experiencing tribal life and watching a woman eat corn with her fingers, a bomb exploded in the center of town setting off the reality that Bobby had indeed landed in a dangerous terrain with an even more important story that needed to be told. ” title=”koni 2012″ target=”_blank”>Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

“If this ever happened in the United states, it would make the front page news. How was it that no one was doing anything about this?” A strong statement, that led Bobby and a team of other filmmakers on a mission to not only create a film but create a movement of awareness for thousands of children who had no hero to turn to, no hope to look towards. Bobby’s ability to remain humble despite his collaborated past efforts, which has included raising millions of dollars toward helping these desperate children by mobilizing thousands of American teens into action to raise money to rebuild war-torn schools in northern Uganda and providing scholarships to African youth as well as being part of the team that created a film called ” title=”BOBBY BAILEY” target=”_blank”>BOBBY BAILEY

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