May 26, 2019

Rosner’s Domain

On Wednesday afternoon, a rocket from Gaza hit the city of Beer Sheeba for the first time since the Gaza war of 2014.
Once every couple of years, we are reminded of the special relationship between Israel and American evangelical Christians.
French Hill is the center of the universe of author and journalist Yossi Klein Halevi. It’s a neighborhood in East Jerusalem where his...
On the night of May 14, the leading headline of The Washington Post said, “More than 50 killed in Gaza protests as U.S. opens its...
1. The Middle East suddenly looks different. Note both the US and its controversial decision to pull out of the Iran deal –
American Jewish support is essential for Israel’s survival. This has been the tune we all have been singing for a long time,
1. You must admire the people in charge of gathering information for Israel. You must admire the fact that they can show you...
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