June 16, 2019

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In many ways, the crisis over the Kotel presents the leadership of Jewish Americans with a test like the one facing Netanyahu before he made his decision.
There’s a good chance that you’ve already read the report about the political affiliations of American clergy, Jews included.
Our guest this week is Rabbi Rick Winer of Temple Beth Israel in Fresno, CA. Rabbi Winer was ordained from Hebrew Union College in 1995.
“The debate ‘Are Jews white?’ has seen a resurgence since the presidential election and was resurrected surrounding the release of ‘Wonder Woman.’”
I contended that what most of the world calls the “occupation” “has lasted for 50 years is not relevant. It was not ideal in the first 50 years.
Israel’s State Archives has unsealed documents from the Six-Day War. They include transcripts of full cabinet meetings. Here are a few observations.
Shavuot is the holiday of Israeli Jewishness. It is a holiday that Israelis keep reinventing, time and again, so as not to let it deteriorate into oblivion.
Israeli polls indicate that the in the last few weeks Israel’s political landscape has changed a little in favor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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