June 18, 2019

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The AJC survey provides proof that perception of anti-Semitism is impacted by political affiliation. Broadly, liberal Jews see more anti-Semitism around.
Three rulings in one week on matters concerning religion and state relations: that’s the crop of Israel’s Supreme Court.
The question of Iran’s ambitions and actions is back on the table. On the ground, Iran seems to be gaining influence in Syria.
A new survey examining the religion of Americans shows a growth in the number of Jews of no religion, compared to findings of the PEW survey.
Israel’s Mossad was very close, painfully close, to capturing one of the most infamous Nazi criminals: Josef Mengele.
That Nazis and white supremacist are bad people? We knew that. That when such people have grievances they find ways to implicate the Jews? We knew that too.
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