Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Greenberg's View

Endless marathon

Editorial cartoon


Editorial Cartoon

The centrifuge

Editorial cartoon

Editorial Cartoon: Extra special delivery

<img alt="" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_020813.jpg " style="width: 100%;" />

Editorial Cartoon: Quicksand deficit

<img alt="" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_800_1.jpg " style="width: 100%; " /> For more cartoons from Steve Greenberg, visit <a href="http://www.jewishjournal.com/greenbergs_view " target="_blank">jewishjournal.com/greenbergs_view.

Editorial Cartoon: Bagel vs. Hagel

<img alt="Bagel/Hagel" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_800.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Los Ange-Zell-less Times

<img alt="Los Ange-Zell-less Times" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_011113_800.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: My-Way-an Calendar

<img alt="calendar" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_122112_800.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

E1: An error in baseball and Mideast politics

E1: In baseball scoring shorthand, it means an error by the pitcher.

Non-observing Observer State

<img alt="" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_120712.jpg " style="width: 100%;" />

Editorial cartoon: Israel-Gaza conflict winners and losers

<img alt="Winner" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_113012_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Action vs. Inaction

<img alt="4 more years" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_110212_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Interfaith Roundtable

<img alt="Roundtable" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_102612_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Cutting the cake

<img alt="Israeli weddings" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_101912_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: California’s death penalty by the numbers

<img alt="Death penalty" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_101212_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Peace?

<img alt="Peace" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_100512_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: I’ve got your back

<img alt="Your back" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_092812_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: Arab Spring

<img alt="" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_092112_600.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

Editorial Cartoon: The man who (still) isn’t there

<img alt="" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_090712_700.jpg " style="width: 100%; " />

The lesser of two evils

<img alt="admitt" src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_083112_600.jpg " width="90%" />

Editorial Cartoon: Child Martyr’s TV

<img src="{filedir_3}opi_greenberg_600.jpg " alt="youngTV" width="90%" />

New Articles

Zoom Provides Update Addressing Zoombombing

The video conferencing platform Zoom made available a security update to help users prevent Zoombombing. Zoombombing is when people disrupt a call, often with anti-Semitic...

Coronavirus Kills 15 At Amsterdam’s Jewish Old-Age Home

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — At least 15 people have died at the main Jewish elderly home in Amsterdam and another 22 are infected with the...

Swastika Found on Boston-Area Chabad

A swastika was found on a Chabad in the Boston area on April 5. A man can be seen on surveillance footage at around 1:40...

UK Jewish Newspapers Fold in Harsh Economic Climate

The Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News in the United Kingdom announced on Wednesday that they will fold.

Wiesenthal Center Demands Social-Media Giants Delete Viral Anti-Semitic Posts

"The coronavirus pandemic may be new, but Jews have a long and tragic history of being accused of spreading deadly viruses.”
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