September 18, 2019

David Suissa

The issue of all issues in the non-profit world must surely be how to attract donors to your cause.
Joshua Malina wants to shut Jews up by shaming them. Referring to the negative reaction among some Jews to raising a Palestinian flag at a Jewish camp.
Was it a Jew-hating one-off or a Jew-hating pattern? That was the question on my mind when I heard the imam at the Davis Islamic Center.
The White House reality show continues. After weeks of chaos, backstabbing, leaks and vulgarities, the Mooch is out and the General is in.
It’s easy to see the latest brouhaha over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as a defeat for Israel. After all, Israel had to cave to Arab and Muslim pressure.
The acrimony that has built up between the leadership of American and Israeli Jewry reminds me of two squabbling parents threatening a divorce.
The latest twist in the time bomb that is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is that Muslim leaders are rejecting the security measures implemented by Israel.
Surrendering to ultra-Orthodox pressure, Bibi reneged on a January 2016 agreement to ensure egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.
We’ve all become obsessed with politics. Politics now colors every aspect of culture, including our personal lives.
Will you see the humanity in those with whom you disagree? Will you honor your obligations as much as you fight for your rights?
The first thought that popped into my mind after seeing the play “Oslo,” which won the Tony award for best play last Sunday night, was: “That’s it?”
The presenter was longtime Israeli diplomat and strategist Ambassador Dore Gold, who is now President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
Of all the things I’ve read about the latest jihadist terror attack from London, one line in particular from Prime Minister Theresa May stood out.
I was attending an event sponsored by the UCLA Debate Union, billed as “A Spirited Debate on BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions).”
Since its inception, Israel has been a country under siege. When it’s not attacked by terrorist forces, it’s attacked by diplomatic ones.
When I see President Trump get all excited about making “the ultimate deal,” I roll my eyes.
Imagine sitting down at a Passover seder and receiving a visitor who wants to kill you.
Israel is a land of many faces, with more than 100 nationalities coexisting and arguing with one another on a patch of land slightly larger than Vermont.
Where does this unusual Omer ritual come from? And what can it tell us about our people and our tradition?
The Syrian regime of President Assad is evil. Its use of chemical weapons to murder children was barbaric.
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