February 22, 2020

Ben Shapiro

We live in an era of “social justice.” By “social justice,” people typically mean a panoply of left-leaning policy priorities.
On Monday, the Trump administration officially opened the US embassy in Jerusalem. It was a moment to cherish: an acknowledgment...
Last week, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. The government of Israel responded to that atrocity,
There is a great crisis currently occurring in the American-Jewish community — a crisis of identity. What are Jews here to accomplish?
This week, we found out once and for all that the dominant philosophy of the modern left — intersectionality — has no place for Jews.
In the aftermath of another horrible and heartbreaking mass shooting at an American school, the same political game took place that...
This week, The Guardian, one of the most left-wing newspapers in Great Britain, published a 2,300-word piece describing the problem...
Over the past two weeks, the media world has been agog with reactions to the new gossipy tell-all from the West Wing, Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.”
Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump made what was, according to the media, a cataclysmic decision: He declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel,
Last week, Republicans did what they always do when they have power: They passed an across-the-board tax cut. Not a single Democrat voted for...
So, now we know. We know that credibility of accusers is less important than political identity of the accused. We know that the extent of...
This week, a mass shooter in Texas walked into a Baptist church and murdered 26 people, including more than a dozen children.
The past month has seen the near implosion of Hollywood. That’s because of the revelations about mega-powerhouse Harvey Weinstein’s regular habit of...
Whenever a mass shooting occurs, good-hearted people immediately begin looking for ways to prevent the next act of evil. That’s natural, and it’s worthwhile
As always, the time for panic about Jewish identity is now. That’s been true for 3,000 years. Judaism has never been great at retaining a crowd.
Whenever there’s a tragedy, people unify. It’s true of Americans during Hurricane Harvey. It’s true of Jews during every crisis in Jewish history.
Antifa is a violent group that has attacked protesters; it’s dedicated to the proposition that those it labels fascists must be fought physically.
There’s certainly evidence of an attempt to collude to impact the election. But an attempt to collude is not in and of itself evidence of collusion.
That same month, anti-Trump protesters clashed with pro-Trump protesters who set up shop in Berkeley to stump on behalf of free speech.
Last week, the Democrats released a new bumper sticker for their 2018 Congressional campaign: “I mean, have you seen the other guys?”