March 30, 2020


Virtual gatherings are going to be the new trend for the next couple of weeks.
The militia is believed to have launched a rocket attack against a U.S. military base the day before.
This is now the sixth AIPAC attendee to test positive for the virus.
'When there is rising anti-Semitism in this country and around the world, even a single instance of it in any context is more alarming than it might otherwise be.'
As Jewish institutions close and traditions become too unsafe to continue, the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc.
A Jewish girl says the school didn't address bullying against her.
The conference, which ran from Friday through Tuesday, attracted 18,000 activists.
Despite efforts to stigmatize AIPAC, progressive Zionists are still fighting for a place in both movements.
They were carved on a seat in addition to an anti-Semitic phrase.
Dermer said that this is because the two most important aspects the United States needs in an ally are “security and technology.”
Mirvis wrote an op-ed for the Times of London in November criticizing then-Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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