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Posters by Czech Students Bring Back Lost ‘Neighbors’

The Czech nation, in its many incarnations, has figured prominently in Jewish lore and literature. It has spawned the Golem and Franz Kafka, to say nothing of the recent Maurice Sendak and Tony Kushner collaboration, \"Brundibar,\" a play that was staged by the Berkeley and Yale repertory theaters and that took its story of children who vanquish a monstrous adult, a stand-in for Hitler or fascism in general, from an opera written in the Terezin ghetto at the time of the Holocaust.

Siblings of Fallen Israeli Soldiers Take a Camp Break

Living with the trauma and sorrow of losing a brother or sister in the Israel Defense Forces has scarred all of the 30 12- and 13-year-olds who spent 10 days at Camp Ramah in Ojai earlier this month. The Legacy/Moreshet program, sponsored by Friends of the IDF (FIDF), gave kids who lost a sibling or parent in combat a bar or bat mitzvah present that allowed them to have an American-style summer blast -- if not to forget, then at least to enjoy a respite from the sadness that follows them at home.

Lowcountry Leisure — Southern Escape Steeped in History

So you\'ve seen \"Big Fish,\" \"Forrest Gump\" and \"Driving Miss Daisy,\" and now you think you know what the South is all about -- old mansions, moss-draped oaks, steamy swamps. Think again. The South is a vibrant tapestry of culture, and its Jewish communities are important threads. Atlanta, Miami and Nashville are thriving tourism destinations, but Charleston, S.C., featuring luxuriant gardens, long porches and rocking chairs filled with laughing guests sipping sweet tea, is also flush with Jewish history that dates back to the 17th century.

Local Christian Leaders Maintain Support for Israel

Even in the face of recent international criticism of Israel\'s war tactics, American Christians, especially Evangelicals, have remained steadfast in support of Jews and the Jewish state. Whereas vicious anti-Zionist attacks in much of Europe and the Arab world have lately bled into rank anti-Semitism, even those American Christians critical of Israel\'s recent actions have gone to great lengths to stress their support for the nation\'s right to exist.

Local organizations seek funds to help Israel

Some of the local organizations collecting donations to aid Israel in its time of crisis.

Cozy Kosher Surf Shack: An Observant Oasis in the ‘Bu

Joyce Brooks Bogartz\'s look isn\'t quite what you\'d expect from the owner of a kosher restaurant. Adorned with brown-and-cream dreadlocks, the nearly 50-year-old proprietor of Malibu Beach Grill would at first glance seem to fit in better with customers sporting board shorts than black hats. But this post-punk Gidget is the kind of \'Bu Jew who is as comfortable around Chabadniks as she is with surfers.

Remembering Zvika

A 42-year-old Apache pilot, Zvika rose to the rank of colonel in the Israeli Air Force. He was, according to his peers, \"professional and talented,\" and he did his job with diligence and dedication. Since he had enlisted in the air force at the age of 18, he was due to retire in a year.

Mideast Fighting Strains Fragile Interfaith Ties

Overall, though, Jewish-Muslim relations are strained, and tensions will likely worsen before getting better, predicts Rabbi John Rosove, senior rabbi at Temple Israel of Hollywood.

Communities on Alert After Seattle Shootings

Jewish communities are being urged to remain vigilant, be in touch with police and other law enforcement agencies and review their security arrangements after a fatal shooting at Seattle\'s Jewish federation offices. The alleged gunman, identified by police as Naveed Afzal Haq, said he was an American Muslim upset about what was going on in Israel.

Family Law Center Thanks Its Founding ‘Angel’

If you meet Grace Quinn sunning herself on the patio of her home at Westwood Horizons Retirement Residence or pushing her bright red walker in Trader Joe\'s, you wouldn\'t guess that this nonagenarian is one of the founders of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center.

A Hole In One for a Good Cause

Bram Goldsmith, chair of City National Corporation, and his wife, Elaine, long-time supporter of the arts, donated $5 million to the future Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, with the result that a 500-seat theater will become the Goldsmith Theater.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Donation Match

A longtime Jewish organizational professional and fundraiser, Hyman last year launched the Center for Entrepreneurial Jewish Philanthropy (CEJP) to support and advise philanthropists who are considering major gifts to Jewish and Israel-related causes.

A ‘Nice’ Idea Blossoms Into a Group of ‘Niceaholics’

\"I realized that if you have the ability to help other people, you\'re in a pretty good place,\" says Debbie Tenzer. \"It\'s not always easy, because basically, we\'re selfish creatures, many of us struggling every day. We have to make a choice, and it starts by doing just one nice thing.\"

Focus on Philanthropy

I don\'t know about how others think about gift giving, but I am honestly confused about it myself. Year after year, questions continue to gnaw at me like: What is the right amount for a gift? Should I support Jewish organizations first and then donate to other charities, like my alma mater or the Red Cross, only after I have made my Jewish gifts?

10 Ideas For Creating Meaningful Volunteer Assignments

Any organization\'s program and operational decisions should stem from the philosophy, beliefs and vision that are its reasons for being in the first place. These basic values, however, are often assumed, yet rarely articulated.

It May Be Time to Change Goals, Ideas on Philanthropy

We are donors to universities, museums, orchestras and hospitals, but when it comes to Jewish philanthropy, we fall short. Today, perhaps 20 percent or less of Jewish giving goes to Jewish causes.

Students Draw on Movie for Tolerance Mural Inspiration

Gayle Gale started Kids for Peace after she returned to Los Angeles from a series of trips to Israel as a visiting artist at Ben-Gurion University, Beersheba in 1994 and 1995. With assistance from the local Israeli consulate and a grant obtained with help from the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity from the Jewish Community Foundation, she set out to teach youth about Israel through artistic means. In the years since, Gale has found herself doing much more.

Jamie McCourt Proves She’s an Artful Dodger President

Especially during the McCourts\' first year of ownership, the Times sports section for the most part depicted Jamie and Frank McCourt, the latter known by Simers as the parking lot attendant, as carpetbaggers who have little interest in or knowledge of Los Angeles, social climbers who lack the financial resources to run the team and public relations novices.

More West Los Angeles Shootings Leave Residents Outraged

Dotted by temples, community centers and parks, the largely Orthodox Jewish Crestview neighborhood and its adjacent areas in West L.A. don\'t seem to be a typical battleground for gang bangers. But residents say that is exactly what it\'s become.

Israel-Lebanon Strife Reverberates Locally

A nationwide effort to call Jews to prayer services Wednesday evening, July 19 -- in support of Israel -- is being organized by...

A Mother’s Pride

My daughter Rachel is a Jewish American girl from China. She is not the only Asian girl in her school -- there are three, all adopted (two from China, one from Vietnam) -- and she says she feels no different from anyone else. But among the mix of mostly Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews that make up our community, she adds a special spice. And in her own discreet style, I believe she has helped teach her friends to be colorblind in ways that could last a lifetime.

City Officials Vow Justice for Vandalized Synagogue

City officials have vowed to aid a Persian congregation in Tarzana whose new synagogue was vandalized last Friday by an arson attack and anti-Semitic graffiti. Two days before the scheduled July 9 ceremonial moving of Beith David Education Center\'s Torahs to its new facility, congregation leaders discovered the newly renovated building had been the target of what police are labeling a hate crime.\n

Come All Ye Faithful

\"Men in their 30s are like milk,\" a rabbi recently said to me as I told him some stories about my dating life. \"The longer they sit out the more spoiled they get.\" For once, someone wasn\'t telling me, \"What\'s wrong with you?\" and was trying to say, \"What\'s wrong with all of them?\" Still, it was disheartening.

Adding Personal Touch Puts Your Stamp on Celebration

Whether a Jewish wedding is white tie and tails at a five-star hotel, blue jeans and bare feet on a beach or something in between, today\'s betrothed couples are choosing to custom mix and match the components that come together to form a unique and perfect union.

Iranians Adopt Agreement to Avoid Future Agunot

Rachel R. endured three years of humiliation while seeking a civil divorce from her physically abusive husband in Iran during the late 1980s. Rachel, who asked that The Journal not use her real name, is now 52 and living in Los Angeles. But her divorce nightmare continues more than 20 years later.\n

Community Briefs: Southern California News

Early on the morning of July 6, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a longtime supporter of Israel, was interrupted twice in attempts to place a call to Eli Moyal, mayor of the Israeli city of Sderot, which Palestinian terrorists have been attacking almost daily with Qassam rockets in recent weeks. Moyal had to interrupt both calls because of rocket attacks. The attempt by the mayor of America\'s second-largest city to reach out to the people of a nation he so admires became a lesson in the explosiveness and unpredictability of the Middle East.\n\n

I’ve Got a Secret

I thought I had struck social gossip gold when my friend Paula let slip a delicious bit of intelligence straight into my eager ears. But as it turns out, Benjamin Franklin was right: \'Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.\'

Spectator – Teens Band Together in Music Battle

Similar citywide musical battles have met with much success in the Jewish communities of Vancouver and Miami, among others. Such an event, though, seems tailor-made for Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world.

Congregation Beith David Celebrates New Sanctuary

Ceremony goes ahead for Beith David.

Mayor Carries Torah to <br>Vandalized Tarzana Synagogue

On Sunday, in the intense heat of a mid-summer day, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, carried a Sephardic Torah for one-half mile along city streets in Tarzana to a new Persian synagogue that had been the victim of an anti-Semitic attack just two days earlier. Police are still investigating the arson attempt, which burned a rear door of Beith David Education Center on Clark Street, as well as anti-Jewish graffiti left at the scene, as a hate crime.

New Articles

N.Y. Town Votes to Keep ‘Swastika’ Name

The town argued that the history of the town's namesake isn't rooted in hate.

Univ. of Illinois Student Gov’t Passes BDS Resolution

The university denounced the resolution.

Arab Nations’ PA Funding Declined 85% in 2020, Report Says

Foreign aid to the PA as a whole has fallen 50%.

Boston’s 118-Year-Old Jewish Advocate Ceases Publication

"It is with tears in our eyes that we concluded that our decision to suspend publication is a sad but necessary response to this crisis.”

More Restrictive Lockdown Set for Israel as Coronavirus Cases Remain at Record Levels

The restrictions are expected to last at least two weeks.

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