November 19, 2018


Sara Netanyahu will be indicted on four counts of fraud for allegedly diverting some $100,000 in public funds for her family’s personal use.
President Donald Trump said he believes there is a chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace because both sides are committed to it.
Israel recently got two new statues of political leaders: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Supreme Court President Miriam Naor.
Conditions in Gaza remain dire. Power in Gaza has declined to approximately 4 hours a day after the P.A. reduced fuel payments to the impoverished enclave.
Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs has reversed its opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt in the country.
Although a major tourist destination, the Sea of Galilee area offers little that could be considered high end, or even stylish.
Kushner, who Trump has charged with brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, arrived Wednesday in Israel for his third visit to the region.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to express support for moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Body searches of female worshippers at the entrance to the Western Wall are “unacceptable,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
Reform movement leaders called on Benjamin Netanyahu to issue a denunciation of the demeaning body searches of four female students at the Western Wall.
Knesset members will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount one day next week following months of unrest at the holy site.
Israeli PM Netanyahu met in Jerusalem with senior White House adviser Jared Kushner trying to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
In its first year, 1999, Birthright-Israel provided almost 9,000 Jews ages 18 to 26 free 10-day tours of Israel’s cultural and religious sites.
The Palestinian Authority expects the Trump admin to commit to a peace deal endgame before the end of August and prefers it would be the two-state solution.
Benjamin Netanyahu is planning trips to Argentina and Mexico, making him the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Latin America.
A senior Israeli military official noted in April that the severe electricity crisis facing Gaza may lead to an imminent clash.
U.S. President to send top envoys to region in bid to re-launch Israel-Palestinian negotiations. We've heard that one before.
Jordan refuses to allow Israel's ambassador to return to country unless security guard who shot dead two Jordanians is investigated and tried
Israel’s health ministry is probing hospitals that required women to obtain rabbinical approval for birth control procedures.
Jewish organizations ZOA and AJC are sparring over whether national security advisor H.R. McMaster is anti-Israel or not.
It appears that Netanyahu is more emboldened in the Trump era. He seems to be asking himself, ‘If Trump can get away with these things, why can’t I?’
Embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at the “fake news” media at a rally attended by thousands of Likud Party supporters.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under investigation for receiving gifts and taking bribes. But that's just the beginning of his problems.
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