Dennis Prager

Wisdom vs. compassion

Why is there no “Good Son” in the Passover haggadah? As most Jews know, there are “Four Sons” in the Passover liturgy: the Wise...

Leftism’s influence on Western religion

Last week, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, the religious leader of a billion people, gave the visiting president of the...

Who’s an anti-Semite?

The Jewish left has been calling conservatives “anti-Semites” — not to mention “fascists” and “racists” — for as long as I have been alive.Yet,...

Who killed the Armenians?

The Journal’s editor-in-chief, Rob Eshman, recently wrote a column under the headline “Morgenthau’s Children,” about the film “The Promise,” whose subject is the Armenian...

More left-wing abuse of the Holocaust

Last week, President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, was widely accused by Jews and non-Jews on the left of engaging in Holocaust denial...

Jewish leaders owe an apology to Trump and America

Last month, I wrote a column under the headline, “There Is No Wave of Trump-Induced Anti-Semitism or Racism.” I was right. But my being...

What’s wrong with Jews’ emphasis on intellect?

Question: In life, which is more overrated — looks or brains? I would argue that it’s a tie. But there is a difference. For better or...

There is no wave of Trump-induced anti-Semitism or racism

The actual percentage is yet to be exactly known, but it is already clear that a serious number of the major anti-Semitic incidents taking...

What America needs: Thousands of Jew-haters

One would think that before admitting tens, let alone hundreds, of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Americans might...

Progressives now trivializing Hitler, Nazism, Auschwitz

Those who wish to perpetuate the sacred memory of the Holocaust have long guarded against the misuse of the terms “Nazi,” “Hitler,” “Fascist,” “Goebbels,”...

The rise of Leftism and rabbis fasting on Inauguration Day

Some weeks ago, my column was devoted to an event in American-Jewish life that was equally tragic and farcical — synagogues were sitting shivah...

Do women need men?

If you ask a healthy man, “Does a man need a woman to lead a fulfilling life?” he most likely will answer in the affirmative.

A question for progressive readers

Here’s a question for Jewish Journal readers and fellow Jewish Journal columnists who identify themselves as progressives:

When progressives value politics over friends and family

A troubling pattern appears to be developing in America that good people of all political persuasions need to be aware of — and hopefully then do something to change it.

Please keep calling us racists and misogynists

Turns out that the whole Democratic Party lost hugely on Election Day. In addition to losing the presidency, Republicans retained control of the Senate despite far more Republican Senate seats being on the ballot; they held their already substantial majority in the House of Representatives; and now 33 of the nation’s 50 governors are Republican.

Tell your children God judges them

Jews just celebrated the Days of Awe, as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are known in Hebrew, or the High Holy Days, as we refer to those days in English.

Which do you love more: Football or America?

I understand that there are American athletes, cheerleaders, members of bands in professional, college and even high school sports who believe — mistakenly — that America is so racist that they cannot, in good conscience, stand when the national anthem is played.

So, you want to be famous?

A thought for the new year.

The left’s record in the last three months

Progressives think of themselves as people who are making the world better.

The left (still) is not our friend

Many progressive Jews are shocked that Black Lives Matter (BLM), a movement they support, has turned out to be virulently anti-Israel — to the extent that in its new platform, it charges Israel with “genocide” against Palestinians.

Is kosher all or nothing?

Because of the many objections, most of them from Orthodox Jews, to my last column (“If You Don’t Eat Bacon, You Keep Kosher,” Aug. 5), and because the column was widely disseminated, I feel I owe readers a response to some of those objections.

If you don’t eat bacon, you keep kosher

If you are a Jew who doesn’t eat bacon or shellfish because Judaism prohibits eating pork products and shellfish — but you do eat chicken and beef that have not been slaughtered according to halachah (Jewish law) — do you keep kosher?

Moral people cannot support the Palestinians

I understand those who yearn for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I do, too.

Gender solidarity is regressive

In 2000, when Sen. Joe Lieberman was the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate, almost every member of my extended family (for the record, not my immediate family — neither of my sons was of voting age) voted for the Gore-Lieberman ticket.

Two questions for Atheists

I have had the privilege of debating five of the top seven “25 Most Influential Living Atheists” as listed at SuperScholar.org:

Most Jews have no Jewish message to the world

Ask just about any Christian — whether Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Eastern Orthodox — “What is your purpose as a Christian? What is your message to the world as a Christian?”

Why do Jews support a $15 minimum wage?

The majority of Jews support increasing the minimum wage to $15.

Cigars and the little joys of life

It is the little joys in life that constitute much of our happiness.

Pick two biblical verses

Here’s an experiment that’s both fun and important: If you had to pick two verses from the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, that have a) most deeply affected your thinking, and b) you would most want people to adopt in their lives, which would they be?


After the recent disruption and cancellation of a Donald Trump campaign event in Chicago, the media — and Trump’s Republican opponents — blamed Trump for what had transpired.

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