January 20, 2019


When a group of rabbis from across the spectrum recently were asked if Jews believe in adoption, they were unanimous in their endorsement.
Mitzi Shore, who for decades ran The Comedy Store, the legendary club on the Sunset Strip, died on April 11 following a long battle...
Erez Kaganovitz has the sort of face that immediately puts you at ease. His smile is arresting. It reaches his dusty green eyes,
Sol Liber, one of the last known members of the Jewish resistance during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, died on March 21.
If you’ve seen the recent advertisements for the upcoming Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, you might have noticed this year’s logo graphic,
Soon I will celebrate a milestone birthday and turn 60. For some reason, I seem to be obsessed with this birthday...
It is happening to me, and IF you are blessed to live long enough, it will happen to you, too. What is this blessing, you ask? Turning 50.
When Sky Bergman began filming her 99-year-old Italian grandmother, Evelyn Riciutti, in 2012, she didn’t plan to make a documentary.
Adam Bellos’ stated mission is as grandiose as his personality. “I’m here to reignite the Zionist movement,” he says, without an...
If you love candles, here’s a way to personalize them with photographs, drawings or quotations of your choice.
The idea that Jews are innately good with money is among the oldest Jewish stereotypes, one that continues to impact perceptions of Jews...
Sitting with Dana Bar-On at a cannabis conference is akin to chatting with an A-list celebrity at an Academy Awards after-party.
Judge Stephen Reinhardt, dubbed the “liberal lion” of American jurisprudence and as outspoken on Jewish as on legal issues,
Why is this vase different from all other vases? No other vase is as perfect for your seder table as this one, which is not..
Carrie Beth Lutin-Scott died early on March 14 as the sun was rising over the canyon outside her Pacific Palisades home,
This is the story of a man born in Kuwait to a Palestinian-Muslim family and who today lives as an observant Jew in Jerusalem.
Because setting out Elijah’s cup is an important part of the Passover seder tradition, let’s make the cup as beautiful as we can.
A nun, a Charedi housewife and a U.N. official walk into a pole-dancing studio. … No, that’s not the beginning of a joke with a...
I don’t like using umbrellas in the rain. They knock the head of strangers you pass on the street, tie up the use of one hand so you...
Our society preaches that youth is something to be glorified. Just look at the advertisements we are flooded with.
This is a difficult time. Again we seem to be challenged by events that we didn’t plan for or expect. We have been dealt cards that...
Editor’s Note: Irving Kahn died at the age of 109. It helps that Irving Kahn is wealthy enough to have full-time attendants.
In the Jewish tradition, there is a mitzvah from the Torah to honor the elderly. Rashi writes that this mitzvah applies not only...
Boris Sankov holds court behind a heavily armed steel door, tucked away in a corner of the L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Arts in Jerusalem,
Nice set of books, right? Ah, but it’s a trompe  illusion, art that tricks the eye into thinking it’s looking at a three-dimensional object.
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