December 16, 2018


With 2018 just around the corner, five major paint manufacturers have unveiled their picks for “Color of the Year.” The fact that the range of colors is so
Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents around this time of year. It brings back memories of my mom’s homemade apple pie, and how I’d stare at the...
At this time of year, I always get a compulsion to decorate the house with fall colors as if I live in New England, even though here in sunny...
With the holiday of Sukkot just around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking of creative ways to decorate the sukkah.
One of the stories traditionally told on Yom Kippur is of Jonah and the whale. While the story holds deep spiritual meaning, it also stirs the imagination.
You’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye this Rosh Hashanah when you make these place cards for your holiday meal.
Let there be lights! Transform ordinary wine glasses into romantic lighting with easy-to-make DIY miniature lampshades.
If you’re unable to travel to a spot within the path of totality, you still can participate in the fun by hosting your own solar eclipse party.
Your dinner table can be well-dressed when you transform an old shirt into a stack of napkins, complete with the original collar to hold the set together.
One of my happy places is the Los Angeles Flower Market downtown. You frequently can find me there at 2 in the morning carrying armfuls of fresh blooms.
You can’t miss it as you drive down Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood — a trio of buildings in blue, green and red. It’s the iconic Pacific Design Center.
with a little planning and foresight, moving day can go a lot more smoothly. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be moving right along.
Want to send good wishes to the dads and grads in your life? Do it with paper fortune cookies. These fortune cookies are a fun way to convey any greeting.
Your grad is extraordinary and deserves an exceptional kind of bouquet to say “Mazel tov!” — like this bouquet of roses made from dollar bills.
You spend a quarter to a third of your life in bed, so sleeping on the right mattress is key for your health and mental well-being.
Many DIY decorators shy away from deeper shades and instead opt for old reliables such as off-white and beige – embrace the dark side.
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