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AUDIO: Iranian American Jews — Dennis Prager and Shmuley Boteach praise local community

AUDIO: Iranian American Jews -- Dennis Prager and Shmuley Boteach praise local community

Heroic parents, we salute you!

Being a parent is a heroic act. Being a parent of a teenager sometimes makes us feel less than heroic. Indeed, we, as parents, often become an embarrassment. Congratulations to those of us parents who \"embarrass\" our kids in a manner that shows how much we love them.

Our family’s journey to make sure our special son was included

As soon as they put him on my belly, I knew. I looked at his eyes, and they were a bit puffy, as is normal after a regular delivery, but I knew. My husband, Mark, said he looked perfect, with all fingers and toes accounted for. I kept asking if he was all right; he was our second child, after all, and I knew he wasn\'t, because a mother knows. Mark kept believing everything was OK until he followed the nurses down to the nursery, and they asked for pediatricians to come in. Nurses attended to our first born, Jason -- not doctors.

The poisoning of Beverly Hills High

Joy Horowitz\'s \"Parts Per Million: The Poisoning of Beverly Hills High School\" (Viking) is a dense 350-page book detailing a four-year fight between 1,000 litigants who claimed oil wells at the school caused diseases, such as cancer, and defendants -- including the oil companies, the city of Beverly Hills and school officials -- who said there had been no harmful effects from the (profitable) derricks.

Transcendence — a true story for Yom Kippur

What is it that allowed this family to stay whole and renew the life in themselves when fate, or God, or a violent man, dealt them unimaginable grief? In this season of renewal and introspection, of fate and faith, what can others facing obstacles of any degree learn from this family\'s remarkable ability to transcend the unthinkable?

The (almost) hardest-working man in classical music

\"I have the great good fortune to have an ear to the ground and a great many wonderful colleagues,\" Kahane said of his network of music-world sources, mostly fellow musicians with whom the conductor has formed strong bonds.

And who shall die?

This New Year, we will enter our synagogues to take the measure of our souls, to account for our actions, to seek forgiveness, to face the fact that God wants something better from us. Is it so unfair to want, in return, something better from God?\n

Is the pomegranate the perfect fruit?

When I see pyramids of pomegranates displayed in a market it\'s difficult to deny them space in my shopping cart. Buy them at your local farmers market when they are in season since they keep for several weeks in a refrigerator.

New Shoah pension deal gives survivors ‘recognition of suffering’

After extensive negotiations with the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Germany eased some eligibility requirements so more low-income survivors like Aviva can receive so-called Article 2 pension payments.

Family Table: Recipes from our families to yours

Our favorite memories of the High Holy Days often come from food -- especially the food we ate growing up at our family tables. Some of the following recipes have been handed down through the generations, others are borrowed from friends, neighbors, friends of friends. All have stories of origin, and most draw on the Rosh Hashanah tradition of sweetness, in hopes for a sweet New Year. However they got on our tables, they are here to stay for generations to come. Our writers share some of their favorites.

Shopping for back to shul

Success in finding the perfect shul in Los Angeles for you and your family too often seems just one more visit away.

Nessah reaches out to young Iranian professionals

Nessah made history five years ago when it became the first Iranian synagogue in the world to embrace congregational membership.\n

City Voice: Condo conversions cause casualties

In Jewish communities in Los Angeles, tenants are uneasily contemplating a fate increasingly familiar to renters - the conversion of their building to condominiums.

One camp, two camp, red camp, Jew camp

And let me tell you, there\'s nothing quite like a Jewish summer camp. At a time when Jewish identity struggles to compete with the complexities and distractions of the 21st century, the Jewish summer camp experience has somehow continued to thrive on its simplicity.

Stop ostracizing the intermarried

The extreme practice of ostracization was justified by the belief that only by completely cutting off those who married out would we be making a sufficiently strong statement as to the extent of their betrayal, thereby dissuading those who might follow suit.

MUSIC VIDEO: Cockney Melody, Yiddish Ditty (British home movie)

MUSIC VIDEO: Cockney Melody, Yiddish Ditty (British home movie) 43 secs.

A Primer on Giving: What to ask before you start

Where should you donate your money? How? How much? How do you know if you\'re getting your money\'s worth?

Backlot parties put simchas in the spotlight

More than 70 years after the beginning of Hollywood\'s Golden Age, when talkies became the rage and Jews routinely Anglicized their names, film factories are playing up the Jewish angle by hosting some of the largest and most unique b\'nai mitzvah parties in town.

Dual Identity, Double the Questions

These days, more American families are adopting from China than any other foreign country, and a large number of those families are Jewish. A wave of girls is now coming of age, starting to face challenging issues of identity.

Are magnet schools LAUSD’s last hope to keep Anglo kids in the system?

From the perspective of that child and his or her parents, they are being discriminated against because of the color of their skin. This was part of the context of the recent U.S. Supreme Court cases.

What makes a ‘real’ Jew?

When I started Milken Community High School\'s middle school after finishing the sixth grade at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, I further realized how unacquainted I was with my own feelings toward my religion. Although we had Judaic studies every year, I felt unable to drift away from my parents\' beliefs and create my own.

I’m ready to take the wheel

When I finally got behind the wheel of a car myself, conceit and self-importance set in. If ever I saw someone with that familiar awe-struck gape staring at my car during one of my innumerable driving lessons, I would think, with a shameful amount of pride, \"I am cooler than you because I am operating a motor vehicle right now.\"

Different cultures produce different Jewish mothers

When people talk about the Jewish mother stereotype, they\'re usually referring to the American Ashkenazi Jewish mother stereotype. But what about Jewish mothers from different cultures and countries?

Oy vey! You should read what they’re writing about them — in books yet

So I read this season\'s selection of books with perhaps a different eye and an increased curiosity. There are serious books about Jewish mothers, lighthearted books, how-to volumes and memoirs and some manage to cross categories. Some offer knowing advice, others observations and jokes. The best are those that are open, honest and wise, not preachy or sentimental.

Farewell, my beloved Mom

Finally, I\'m grateful to the Almighty for having given me such a remarkable mother who, by example, taught her many offspring about the beauty of Judaism, how to lead meaningful lives and how important it is to do chesed for others. May her memory be a blessing.

Former emcee sheds light on beaucoup-buck parties

George Valencia said the inspiration for the film came from his worst memory as a bar mitzvah emcee -- he had run out of glow ropes during a party for a particularly affluent family only to discover that the bar mitzvah boy had never received one.

A down-home way to treasure that special day

Consider orchestrating a Bar Mitzvah Treasure Hunt that you can host in your backyard, throughout your house or even in a hall rented for the occasion.

Skateboarder’s project links charity and sport

Devin never thought he would get to bring his love for skateboarding into his rite of passage: \"I thought it would be like my sister, and I\'d work at a shelter, but this was a lot more fun.\"

Siblings show they have write stuff

For Daniel and Lauren, becoming authors has also meant serving as peer educators. \"I told my friends that I wrote a book about the Holocaust, and at least three of them didn\'t know what it was,\" said Daniel. Lauren had a similar experience.

Teens should follow in footsteps of volunteerism

While many children of bar mitzvah age are unable to grasp all that their newfound responsibilities entail, each one recognizes the occasion as an important turning point in their lives as Jews.

New Articles

The Needs of Jews in Eastern Europe in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has emphasized the value of communal life.

German Lawmakers Denounce Israel’s Annexation Plan, Say ‘Silence Is Not an Option’

For the Greens and Die Linke (“The Left”), the motion was too easy on Israel.

ADL CEO Under Fire for Partnering With Sharpton in Pressing Facebook Boycott

“We have been endlessly fighting an uphill battle of anti-Semitic hatred on Facebook since our inception."

Family of Biracial Jewish Woman Set on Fire in Wisconsin Thanks Public for ‘Overwhelming Outpouring of Support’

There is now a $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide police with information that leads to the arrest of the attackers.

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