August 17, 2019

Yamit’s Table

40 percent of Americans have negative feelings about Valentine’s Day. Who needs that special someone when you have Yamit's Pavlova recipe?
As we enter the darkness and chill of winter — cholent or hamin, dafina or schalet — as it always has been, this is one dish that will perfume the house on Shabbat
I was a snob about shakshuka superiority — until I moved to Jaffa, Israel’s home of shakshuka — where I discovered that I’d been had. 
Cooking is simultaneously primal and sweet — it’s a reminder of romance and our basic needs, but it also brings forth memories of our mothers. 
While baking challah, Yamit Behar Wood accidentally created the best Jewish food crossover: challah sufganiyot. Get the recipe here.
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