Stanley Hirsh Elected New Publisher

Stanley Hirsh, a founding member of The Jewish Journal\'s Board ofDirectors, was elected publisher of this newspaper by a unanimousvote of the Board last week.

A Final Resting Place?

Hollywood Memorial Park is the cemetery of the stars, and rightnow it is starring in a cliffhanger of its own.

Coming Together Aboard Bus No. 2

I have never been a fan of group travel. Bernie and I like to headout for parts unknown, armed only with a guidebook and a rental car.

Beth Olam Cemetery

Beth Olam Cemetery in Hollywood, one of the most venerable and historical Jewish cemeteries in Southern California, is in danger of being abandoned and padlocked.

Community Briefs

Community Briefs

The Jewish Community: What To Do Next?

Two of America\'s most admired mayors, Democrat Ed Rendell ofPhiladelphia and Republican Stephen Goldsmith of Indianapolis, cametogether on a stage at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolison Nov. 17 to talk with Jewish community leaders from across thecountry about how their two cities work and what Israel might learnfrom them.

Diminished Returns

Matt FongCalifornia Treasurer Matt Fong is having second thoughts aboutthe sanctions he imposed on Swiss banks, partly due to what he saysare "mixed signals"...

Mission Accomplished

The largest Israeli mission ever launched by the Jewish FederationCouncil of Greater Los Angeles, and the biggest North Americancontingent this year, returned home last week, with organizers in astate bordering on euphoria and participants exhausted but mostlypleased with their experience.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The big stories of the year were not Jew vs. Black, or Jew vs.Gentile, but Jew vs. Jew -- a continual war of words fought overreligion, sex, politics and history. At least we can\'t be accused ofpettiness.

Jewish Community Chaplaincy Program of the Board of Rabbis of Southern California

It is our Jewish concern for human welfare that takes the rabbis where the needs exist. It is the United Jewish Fund\'s concern for justice and human need that directs Federation support to the chaplaincy program.

Jewish Survival

Even here in Los Angeles, where the Jewishpopulation mushroomed over the last five decades to over 600,000,demographers tell us our numbers are stagnating -- and likely wouldhave dropped -- had it not been for the infusion of newcomers fromIran, the former Soviet Union, both Northern and Southern Africa and,ironically, Israel itself.

Charitable Legacy Lives On

Mickey Weiss, everybody\'s favorite mensch and philanthropist, diedmore than a year ago, but his good works go on.

‘If She Couldn’t Pay, She Couldn’t Pray’

Last year, I experiencedsomething that made me feel more emotion than I can remember everhaving during the Ten Days of Awe, and, unfortunately, the feeling was that ofanger toward other Jews.

An Uncomfortable Line

Earlier in the week, Irving Moskowitz had stood in that gritty, neglected urban village on the flank of the Mount of Olives, hammering a mezuzah on a door post and telling the world\'s TV cameras that this was where \"we\" are making \"our\" home. Yet the truth was that as soon as he had signed a face-saving deal with the government of Israel, he was on the plane back to Florida in time for Shabbat.

Repentance and Recovery

T\'shuvah, which in Hebrew translates as \"repentance, return andresponse,\" is not only part of the name of Gateways Beit T\'Shuvah,the Los Angeles halfway house for recovering Jewish offenders andaddicts. \"It\'s very much a part of what we do here,\" ExecutiveDirector Harriet Rossetto said during a recent interview.

Yale vs. the Orthodox

So, one has to ask, why did Rachel Wohlgelernter apply to Yale?

Our Message to Israel

Even without the immediacy of the telephone, the fear, wearinessand anguish that Israelis are feeling is as close to us as thenightly newscast or the morning paper.

Honoring Community Mitzvahs

The 1997 Community Awards, which recognize outstanding achievementin the Jewish community, were given out during a special meeting ofthe Federation\'s board of directors at Sephardic Temple TiferethIsrael.


The offspring of aleft-leaning coalition of Jewish groups and spearheaded by theAmerican Jewish Congress, the commission has set out to examineconditions in Los Angeles\' garment industry and suggest possibleactions for the Jewish community to follow.

A Perfect Union

Complete with a ketubah signing, champagne, speeches and a few tears, the installation of Rabbi Michael Beals at B\'nai Tikvah Congregation in Westchester seemed more like a wedding.

Passing the Torch

\"We are dwindling,\" says the 1939 Club\'s Fred Diament.\n\n\"We are afraid of what will happen when we are no longer around tokeep the memory alive,\" says the Lodzer Organization of California\'sKal Berson.\n\nThe aging Holocaust survivors are speaking not only of fellowsurvivors but also of their respective clubs, which were formed inthe 1950s by émigrés who had lost everything to Hitler.

From ‘Rubble to Renewal’

Following an intensive, three-year fund-raising campaign, augmented by government aid, BBI has moved from \"rubble to renewal\" and from \"dream to reality,\" according to the invitation to the Sept. 14 event.

21 Years Ago: L.A.’s Own Zionist Conference

To many American Jews in their 20s, 30s and 40s, Zionism, the ancient dream of a Jewish homeland that spawned a political movement and the birth of Israel almost 50 years ago, is little more than a footnote in a Sunday-school textbook.

21 Years Ago: Jewish Leaders Condemn Tribute to Riefenstahl

Leni Riefenstahl\'s long career ranges from silent-screen actress to recent underwater photographer, but her name is invariably linked to her 1934 film, \"Triumph of the Will.\" Shot at a Nuremberg party rally, it is considered one of the world\'s most notorious propaganda documentaries, in which she used brilliant cinematic techniques to glorify Hitler and the Aryan ideal.

Searching for Hannah

Among the Southland\'s some 1,500 Yemenite Jews, \"a conservative estimate is that every third or fourth family has a connection,\" says Eli Attar, 46, the president of Solomon\'s Children, a Yemenite activist group.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills?

Ronald Weiner sits on a bench in a serene Beverly Hills park on a perfect, sunny day, filled with rage and frustration. He\'s shaking, his fingers tremble, and his voice cracks with every other sentence. The source of his anger is the city in which he sits. For the past year, Beverly Hills has thwarted Weiner\'s efforts to build a large senior-housing project on property he owns.\n

Revitalizing Our Past and Future in Pico-Union

Among these earlier settlers were many Jewish families, who, notinterested in joining the growing ersatz shtetl up in Boyle Heights,built their graceful homes in the tony new district.

The Youngest Victim

For Olga and Yevgeny Pesachovitch, it was as if their son, Grisha, died three times. The 15-year-old Russian immigrant boy was the youngest of...

‘A Lot of Life Left’

At first glance, Temple Beth Zion, on a busy stretch of Olympic Boulevard in the mid-city, looks stark and abandoned.\n\nThe front door is locked, the religious school has been closed for almost four decades, and the daily minyan and Friday-night serviceare gone (many of the some 135 members, most of whom are aged 75 to80, can no longer drive at night).\n

The Apartment

Community Briefs.

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