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Number Our Days … Slowly

Being Jewish is to be bombarded by time-by seasons, weeks, history.

A Parent’s Guide to a Jewish Summer

Here\'s a roundup of classes and activities for children of all ages.

Soy Vey! A Shavuot Without Milk

The Jewish holiday of Shavuot, on May 21, is about the last time of year you would want to talk to Beth Ginsberg or her boss, Michael Milken.

Discovering Morocco

If you think that with the tense climate in the Middle East no Muslim country would warmly welcome, let alone happily invite, Jewish visitors, then you haven\'t been to Morocco.

Illusion and Reality

At times our perception of reality is altered radically; in effect, new facts force us to reexamine our assumptions no less than our illusions.

Questions for the Board Room

Which leads me to the question that started this rumination in the first place: Are we in Los Angeles so large and diverse a Jewish community that there is more that separates than unites us?

Protect Your Head

Every few years, we Angelenos are reminded that this is Earthquake Country. Then, before the last FEMA check is cashed, we forget.

Noa’s Universal Appeal

When Achinoam Nini was growing up in the Bronx with her Yemenite-Israeli parents, her different name, exotic looks and diverse heritage made her feel out of place among her schoolmates.

Dreaming C’s

Either the apocalypse is coming, or I\'ve been living in Los Angeles too long. Last night, I woke up from the most vivid dream, the kind that feels like it lasted all night, the kind of dream that feels like a journey through every emotion.

Sexual Transactions

When Diane Arieff turned in her cover story on the best-selling \"Kosher Sex,\" I smiled with unquestioned approval. After all, opening doors and windows for Jews of all persuasions -- observant as well as secular -- seemed healthy and desirable.

A Priceless Day

You have three goals for your Sunday: wash your car, wash your clothes, wash yourself.

He Said, She Said, We Said

\"Two Jews, Three Opinions\" (Berkeley, $24.95) is the kind of book you assume has been around for centuries, if only because the concept has.


A curious thing happened in the pages of The Jewish Journal the week of Nov. 20.

Monica’s Moment and Mine

I couldn\'t stop looking at Monica Lewinsky last weekend. Her videotaped deposition played in our house nonstop.

Gordis, Alexander Leave UJ for Posts in Israel

Dr. Robert Wexler, president of the University of Judaism, has good reason to believe that the spirit of Zionism is alive at the institution.

An Award of His Own

It is strange to be alone with Billy Crystal. He\'s still funny, insightful, charming -- but the venue is all wrong.

The Power of Israel

My name is Sarah -- actually, it used to be Sarah, but that was before I went to Israel and experienced the best summer of my life. A summer that changed me forever.

The Idiot Box

One of the most common complaints against television journalism is that it has deteriorated into entertainment.

A New Lease on Life

About two-and-a-half years ago Michael Goldberg\'s life was on the line. A diabetic since he was a teen-ager, his kidneys began to fail him at 36. The only hope for Michael\'s survival was a kidney and pancreas transplant.

Taking the Peace Movement by Storm

Not long before Hurricane Georges churned up the southeast, Hurricane Galia slammed into Los Angeles. And advocates for Middle East peace couldn\'t have been more relieved.

Soulful Sounds

The sounds of heaven and earth merge when David De\'or and Shlomo Bar, two internationally acclaimed Israeli artists, combine their musical talents.

Please Forgive My Bad Review

According to Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin, who wrote, \"To Be a Jew,\" atonement is not achieved until the \"grieved party is pacified and forgives.\"


Letters to the Editor

A Drink from the Same Cup

If the pursuit of peace in the Middle East will not unite the parties concerned, then one life-sustaining element may. Israeli, Arab and American researchers and engineers have come together to find ways to produce more potable water for agricultural use, as demands for supplies of Middle Eastern and Californian freshwater continue to increase.


Letters to the Editor


Letters to the editor


\"This is a story about my brother, Moriel. Moriel has autism.

A Future So Bright

Meet the class of 1998. This month, they leave high school behind and careen toward adult life.


It\'s likely no statewide candidate today, including California\'s two Jewish Senators and gubernatorial rival Jane Harman, has culivated more ties to LA\'s Jewish elites than Davis.

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