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Sharon Explained

Sharon\'s message to the left is this: Oslo has catastrophically failed, and it will take time to fix the damage.

Divided We Stand

One Friday night, I was at a local rabbi\'s house for Shabbat dinner, and he said to me: \"The Jewish Journal should be a newspaper that unites the different denominations of our community.\"

Your Letters

Your Letters

A ‘Barbaric’ Act

Was Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl killed because he was Jewish?.

A Hero

As The Journal went to press last week, word came that terrorist kidnappers in Pakistan had brutally murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

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Half a Kingdom

Last Sunday, Friedman\'s op-ed column in The New York Times recounted a conversation he had with Saudi Arabia\'s crown prince, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.

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Religion and the IRS In Wendy Madnick's article, ("Court Writes Off Deductions," Feb. 8) the predominant issue is that Michael Sklar was...

Madeleine’s War

The trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic got underway at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague this week.

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A Hero’s Struggles

\n\"Once you\'ve tasted fame. It\'s very difficult to live without it.\"

Guns and Butterfat

\nHere\'s an idea for a potentially disastrous event: invite young Industry hotshots to your home on one of the coldest nights of the year to discuss the federal budget.

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Scottish philosopher David Hume hit the nail on the head when he observed that \"the heart of man always attempts to reconcile the most glaring contradictions.\" Hume, of course, wasn\'t thinking of Palestinian apologists back in 1749. But he certainly wouldn\'t have been ashamed of applying his pithy aphorism to their persistent bouts of moral incoherence.


Because Palestinian violence has been so devastating, Israel\'s retaliatory actions seem to be justified. Whether they are effective or not is almost secondary to the need to respond.

Alarmists and Alarms

The crowd that turned out in a driving rain last Sunday evening to hear experts discuss the terrorist threat was testament to at least one ongoing fact of life since Sept. 11: we\'re still scared.

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What, any rational person might wonder, is there left to talk about?

The L.A. Image

The best thing about David Lehrer\'s firing as head of the local Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been the local reaction, which has done more to awaken Los Angeles\' Jewish leadership than anything in recent memory. The worst thing about Lehrer\'s firing: That the ADL\'s New York leadership thought it could get away with it, and, sadly, it probably will.

A Beautiful Mind

Acuity, passion, the ability to hold several conflicting ideas at the same time, a wide-ranging and detailed understanding of the world we live in, and an ability to articulate a broad intellectual and moral vision -- watching Bill Clinton last Monday night at the Universal Ampitheatre made me realize how much I miss these attributes in a president.\n\nThis is not a criticism of George W. Bush. I imagine he would be the first to acknowledge, with some pride, that he\'s no Bill Clinton. Among the crowd that pressed to touch flesh with Clinton in a post-speech reception, several people admitted that Clinton would probably have done no better, and maybe worse, than Bush in executing the war against Al Qaeda. Different men, different strengths and weaknesses.\n\nBut last Monday night, it was Clinton\'s gifts that were on display.

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Letters to the Editor.

Real Leaders

\nI sure hope Abe Foxman knows what he\'s doing, because no one else can seem to figure it out.\n\nBy summarily dismissing David Lehrer from his position as regional director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) here, Foxman has managed to unite a good portion of this often divided community. He has united them against Foxman.

Show You the Money

\nI get hit up, boy do I get hit up. I don\'t always say \"yes,\" of course, but that\'s not the point of this story. The point is who is asking me for money.

Year in Review

Remember the fear and trepidation that accompanied the coming of the year 2000? Millennialists ran around like Chicken Little, selling us on bottled water and canned tuna, promising disaster.\n\nIt turns out they were off by a year.

Your Letters

Your Letters

The Man Behind the JDL

In the FBI\'s dossier he is listed as Irving David Rubin, 56, a self-described conservative Republican, Air Force veteran, married for 21 years and the father of two children.

New Articles

AOC Withdraws From Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Event Following Pro-Palestinian Criticism

The event will be held in October by Americans for Peace Now.

Report Highlights Anti-Semitism in Qatari Textbooks

One textbook called Zionism "a radical racist political movement."

Friend of Anne Frank Lays First Stone of Amsterdam’s Newest Holocaust Monument

"I’m satisfied that it’s finally happening," she said.

Abbas Criticizes Peace Deals, Calls for U.N. to Resolve Israel-Palestinian Conflict

“The only way to a comprehensive and just peace is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.”

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