June 16, 2019


More than 3,000 people from across Europe attended an event in one of the continent’s strongest displays of grassroots support for Israel. 
Uwe Becker’s Facebook page might confuse followers into thinking he’s the mayor of an Israeli city. Almost every post references Israel.
For its entire history, Israel has been viewed as a pariah. After 70 years, it may be on the verge of joining the “community of nations.”
Unlike any other anti-Semitic incident, the Tree of Life Congregation tragedy has destroyed American Jews’ assumptions about our place
The Nov. 6 elections were a battle between soccer moms and NASCAR dads. These are the voters who represent the two opposing
In a deeply divided America, there was only one thing that unified the nation’s voters when they went to sleep the night of Nov. 6
Usually, I love Election Day. Watching people vote gives me a kick in the patriotic adrenals. But in this year’s Scrooge election
The Pittsburgh tragedy made real the worst nightmare of American Jewry. Our community is now examining how we got to this frightening place,
Jay Sanderson has attended many a General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, but the president and CEO of the Jewish Fed
The gunman who struck Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue on Shabbat indicated online that he wanted to “Kill all Jews.”
Bending to domestic pressure, including a protest on Oct. 19 that saw Jordanians take to the streets of Amman, Jordan’s King Abdullah II
Corbyn — verb: To turn a traditionally pro-Israel party into an anti-Semitic one while insisting you don’t hate Jews, you only hate Israel.
I know the risk I take when I say anything positive about President Donald Trump in today’s climate of self-congratulatory partisan idiocy.
In June, the Reform movement decided to resist the headlines announcing the growing, “unprecedented” rupture between American Jewry & Israel
How do you solve a problem like Jeremy Corbyn? I just returned from England, and everyone is concerned. An anti-Zionist prime minister...
This past year’s Jewish storyline is built around several core themes. President Donald Trump’s persona and policies
Not a day goes by without headlines in the British media that detail the scourge of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
A “pledge” against Israel’s new nation-state law was recently published by eight organizations
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