May 24, 2019

June 2018 Jumping for Joy: We Said Go Travel News

June News 2018 Jumping for Joy with We Said Go Travel:

Thank you for all of your support for We Said Go Travel and me.

Thank you to AARP for sharing my story: “How to Stay Fit on Vacation: 6 easy exercises you can do when you’re away from home.” Thank you to my three fitness experts, Beth Kageyama, Bryant Johnson and Phong Tran, for making time to talk to me!

Lisa Niver's story for AARP on Travel and Fitness

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please join me at my art studio for our Summer Show: Hooked on Clay June 29 and 30.

The Clayhouse Summer Sale 2018


Thank you to Rise Boarders for their list! Out of over 1000+ travel blogs, I was listed as the top female travel blogger and We Said Go Travel was #4!

Lisa Niver and We Said Go Travel are #4 on the Top 1000+ Travel Blogger ListLisa Niver and We Said Go Travel are #4 on the Top 1000+ Travel Blogger List yay

Thank you to Scuba Diver Life for publishing my story about swimming with the Jellyfish!

Lisa Niver swum with the Jellyfish , ScubaDiverLife

I absolutely LOVED my adventures in May in Canada!
Read and watch here:

Lisa Jumping for JOY rocky Mountaineer



Here are links to my video channels on YouTubeAmazon Fire Tv, and Roku Player. My views on Roku alone are now over one million! My total video views across all platforms is now over 1,913,089 (1.9Million)! ! Thank you for your support! What should I do to celebrate when I get to 2 MILLION views?

Recent videos from my Adventures Across Canada: to see them all CLICK HERE !

I am now planning and booking travel! Where do you want to wander? Find more information about me and my luxury travel advising as an independent affiliate of CRUISE and RESORT, Inc with Virtuoso Luxury Travel Network on my new microsite!

My fortune cookies said “Failure is the tuition you pay for success” and “It’s not only important to add years to your life but to add life to your years!”

Thank you for your support. Lisa

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All of the entries from our first Travel Photo award have now been scheduled. After July, when all the entries are published, we will announce the winners.  Thank you to everyone who participated and to our judges, Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere and Jeana from Surf and Sunshine. We hope you will submit a photo in our next award starting SOON!


Thank you to everyone who has participated in our 13 We Said Go Travel Competitions! Find the winners for all of them here.

The sunny view at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in May 2018 by Lisa Niver

The sunny view at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in May 2018

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