September 18, 2019

Supreme Influence: Join Niurka in Los Angeles October 11, 2014

” target=”_blank”>Niurka says, “Often the very thing that challenges you is where the greatest gift resides for your evolution.” See her in person in Los Angeles for a one-day session October 11, 2014 or join her for a several day conference in Joshua Tree.

Niurka recently asked a Los Angeles audience at the Marina Marriott: “Do you TRUST Life?” She then said: “If you do not trust life, you can see where you have been wounded. There is a space to find a gift and magic.” Tenesha, who sat next to me at a recent one-day event, told me she first found out about Niurka on Facebook six months ago and knew she could not miss this live event. She told me she wanted to go after her passions instead of just staying in her comfort zone. She hopes to learn to use all the power inside herself to change her life.

Are you walking around half asleep? Join Niurka and WAKE UP! Her transformational seminars will teach you to direct your subconscious. Using her MINDPOWER techniques you can change your life. As you learn to masterfully navigate your thoughts and words from problems to possibilities, you can find the gifts and immense power of your subconscious.