November 15, 2019

Hollywood Fringe Festival Previews

Last night I was delighted to attend two previews of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, which runs June 8 to June 25 in Hollywood. This is a large performing arts celebration on the West Coast, and includes wildly diverse productions, from comedy, musicals, solo performances to immersive theatre. Most are within walking distance, and they also have food venues, parties, and lots of fun things to explore.

First I saw Nights at the Algonquin Round Table, which is a witty play about the literary types at the famous Algonquin in 1926 in New York City. Neophyte writer Jack wants badly to be invited to their group, and this sweet and amusing production is well acted and realistically conveys the times and flavor of that era.   The setting in the nightclub Three Clubs on Vine Street was perfectly suited to the production. The actress playing Dorothy Parker was particularly impressive, but all the acting was good.

Next I attended a party at one of the Fringe venues nearby which had a fun Karaoke stage set up. Most of the singers were very good, and spirits were high among all the friendly and talented Fringe participants.

Finally I saw Slightly Off-Broadway, a musical that substitutes witty and enjoyable lyrics to popular show tunes. It was genuinely funny, and the singing was very well done. Light and fun, I predict this show will be a hit at Fringe Fest 2017.

For more information and very reasonably priced tickets to all the Fringe events, visit For more photos from last night, visit my Flickr page here: Support your local talented performing artists!