February 22, 2020

What to do About Pruitt at the EPA

I was very saddened and shocked to hear that Scott Pruitt was confirmed yesterday as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  This man has no business running an agency he has threatened to dismantle.  I was very upset, but emotions are not going to solve this problem.   Even though I actually started crying, I soon realized there are three things we need to do now to overcome this problem and protect our environment.

One:  Don’t despair, and don’t give up.  It’s just politics, and as you can see from the immigration issue, often the Justice Department or some other force interferes in even the most difficult problem to help resolve things.

Two:  Donate, fight, call, write your representatives, keep up the fight.  This is not over yet.

Three:  Take care of yourself.  Getting depressed will not help.  Eat right and keep your spirits up.  This will be a long haul to fight everything that is going wrong in the political realm right now, and it is going to take all our strength, prayers, guts, head and heart to prevail, but prevail we will.  We must.

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