November 15, 2019

Jonathan Film Review


Jonathan is another high-quality film being released today, 2/7/17 by Wolfe Video.  It’s an award-winning German drama about a complicated family set in the beautiful rural farm area of Germany.

Jonathan (wonderfully acted by Jannis Niewohner — a handsome, gifted young actor) at 23 years old, is dutifully taking care of his ailing father on the family farm.  He is nearly overwhelmed when a kind and lovely young aide named Anka arrives to help.  Soon they start to fall in love, even as the father continues to decline.  Then a mysterious stranger appears.

With Bergman-like overtones, and artfully photographed, this film is an honest and unflinching look at the complexities of modern family life and how relationships, past and present, impact a family.

The dialogue is spare but well written, the music is subtle and evocative; overall an engaging, well-crafted film well worth your time.   Written and directed by Piotr J. Lewandowski, this film has won numerous awards at various film festivals.  Releasing today 2/7/17 on DVD/Video on Demand via Wolfe Video, and available through iTunes and major retailers, and at