January 19, 2020

Houston Jewish Relief Info

Don’t just sit there – your prayers and donations are needed!

Please help our brothers and sisters in Houston hit hard by this storm. Many of us here in Los Angeles have friends or family that are stranded in and around Houston. And the storm is still raging. (Below are pictures from their family’s streets.)

Jewish families that are in public shelters don’t have easy access to Kosher food, and other Jewish services.

Many might be stranded, homeless for months.

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to help in the aftermath of the storms.

From a distance it is a challenge to know how to help – but as Jews we believe that Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh l Zeh – all of us are responsible for the safety and well being of everyone else.

Please increase your prayers and please donate locally in Houston to help!

Click here for a list of contact numbers and places to donate.

You can send us updates if you have them to: relief@picoshul.org

This Jewish neighborhood in Houston is several feet under water – and its not getting better. August 27, 2017.

View from the the front lawn of a Jewish family’s home in Houston, August 27, 2017.



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