May 24, 2019

Gilbert Gottfried talks to the Jewish Journal, to play Carolines On Broadway on Dec. 23 & 24

“>Gilbert Gottfried. No one sounds like him. No one looks like him. Furthermore, there is no simple way of describing what it is that he does on-stage.

More than three decades after his run on Saturday Night Live, Gilbert is miraculously more relevant than ever. In recent years he became a fixture of reality television shows. But more importantly, Gilbert has reinvented himself as a top podcast. He and “>engineer Frank Verderosa — are the minds behind “>Henry Winkler, Micky Dolenz, Dick Cavett, Marilyn Michaels), but also a wonderful outlet for Gilbert to do impressions and just simply be inappropriate.

In advance of Gilbert's “> — does not disappoint.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I was wondering if you have a favorite restaurant in New York.

GG: Oh no, not really. My favorite restaurant at any given time is if the owner of the restaurant recognizes me and wants to give me a free meal.

Has that happened anytime recently?

GG: No, not enough…You know, the funny thing about reality [TV]…I remember thinking if I do a reality TV show, I’ll never be in a film with Robert DeNiro. Not that they were asking me before. And so it's those things you worry about that you’re not being offered. Now that I’ve done reality T.V, I did a really small part in a “>your Groucho Marx impression.

GG: [Doing his Groucho Marx impression] They would have movies theaters, and this was a theater that they had movies in. That is why they called it a movie theater. They would have popcorn, and this was corn that was popped, so they started calling it popcorn…

Please take this as a compliment, that never gets old. So finally, Gilbert, any last words for the kids?

GG: I kind of learned that anything out of my mouth is not suitable for kids.