May 24, 2019

Podcast news and reviews – 10/2/15

Highlights from the week of October 2, 2015:

  • The Mild Adventures Of Fred Stoller “Sally Kirkland” – On this podcast, Fred and crew (“>Amber Tozer) talk with “>Marc Maron's WTF? podcast, in which they discuss Fred's “>
  • Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast “Bob Costas” – Gilbert's podcast with co-host “>Bob Costas is one of my all-time favorite podcast episodes of any series. Bob, as it turns out, is as much of a savant about film and TV history as Gilbert and Frank. The laughs are steady in this episode, but at the end when Gilbert asks Bob to narrate a filthy joke, podcast history is made. (“>Bill Withers, who tends to keep his guard up when doing interviews. “>
  • The Tim Ferriss Show “Scott Adams: The Man Behind Dilbert” – Tim, whose “>Scott Adams definitely falls into that category. Scott didn't experience success with Dilbert until he was in his 30s, and his path to getting there is inspiring. Tim and Scott compare notes about systematic thinking during this chat, and not only relate such to business, but also their personal lives and creative routines. Scott also discusses his battle with “>
  • The Foundr Podcast “60: How to Become Financially Free With Tony Robbins” – Another person you may not expect to hear on a podcast is Tony Robbins. Tony, who is currently promoting his best-seller “>Nathan Chan for close to 40 minutes. Tony is in motivational mode, so listeners ought to know to expect to feel motivated about saving and investing money after checking out this episode. Or at very least, feeling more motivated to developing a purpose and a methodology to get there. For those rare folks unfamiliar with Tony, the movie “>


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