May 24, 2019

Podcast news and reviews – 9/18/15

Highlights from the week of September 18, 2015:

  • Patcast by Pat Monahan “Episode 108: Sir Mix-A-Lot” – “>Sir Mix-A-Lot is an example of such, and he was an incredible interview subject. Mix — as some people call him — not only discussed his career and the Seattle hip-hop scene, but also his work with emerging technology. Pat only broke into song twice during this episode. (“>Rich Hall, who relocated to the U.K. 20-something years ago and has been well-received in England ever since. In addition to Rich, “>
  • Snider Comments “SC Ep_17 – Dee explores the life and career of award winning director Marty Callner” – “>Marty Callner, for this episode. Some people may recognize Marty's name from music videos, since he directed many of the classic videos of Twisted Sister, Aerosmith, Whitesnake and “>Hard Knocks. Dee gets Marty to tell his story and talk about an amazing new invention of called “>
  • Mohr Stories “302: Jerry Ferrara” – Most people do not know who “>Entourage,'” millions of people would instantly be able to visualize who Jerry is. In this episode, “>podcaster and has plenty going on beyond his acting career. (“>Artie Lange launched a podcast earlier this year, which is available on a subscription basis through In this episode, Artie had me sit in, beyond comics “>Geno Bisconte and “>Hoboken Comedy Festival among plenty of other topics, both tasteful and distasteful. ( if there are any podcast highlights I may have missed.