May 24, 2019

Podcast news and reviews – 8/28/15

Highlights from the week of August 28, 2015:

  • The Adam Carolla Show “Luther Campbell and David Wild” – More than six and a half years since its launch, The Adam Carolla Show remains one of the most popular podcasts out there, and with good reason — it's consistently funny, thought-provoking and gets guests that often don't appear on podcasts. The first half of this episode has Rolling Stone mainstay (and Carolla Show regular) “>Luther Campbell, the founder of 2 Live Crew who has gone on to be a successful football coach, joins around 66 minutes in. I look forward to picking up Luther's new book, The Book Of Luke, as a result of this compelling interview. (“>Jeff Ross, who is commonly referred to as the “Roastmaster General.” Within their chat, Jeff goes into depth about his recent Comedy Central special, “>, which was one of the best things I watched this year. A particularly interest reveal during this episode, to me at least, was how Ed McMahon played a role in Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz becoming Jeff Ross. (“>Taz Reacts to Summerslam Weekend and makes major announcement!” – Understandably, a small percentage of my readership has any interest in professional wrestling whatsoever. However, Taz is the rare (former) pro wrestler who is not only compelling as a broadcaster, but also successful within broadcasting. In this episode, Taz announced that he is changing up the format of his current show into a five-day-a-week series called “>
  • Talk Is Jericho “EP172 – Marty Friedman in Tokyo” – Speaking of wrestlers with podcasts, Chris Jericho had an exceptional episode with guitar legend “>Jason Becker, a former David Lee Roth guitarist who was the subject of the “>

  • Nerdist “Episode 718: Robert Rodriguez” – Some people know Robert Rodriguez primarily as a director and writer, others as a producer, and perhaps others as the creative mind behind the “>


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