May 24, 2019

Podcast news and reviews – 8/14/15

Highlights from the week of August 14, 2015:

  • Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin “Paul Simon” – I'm not sure if Paul Simon appeared on a podcast before this appearance, but based on this episode, I must assume that was the case. Alec Baldwin always asks great questions to guests, and things got awkward very quickly during this interview. Three minutes in Paul Simon refutes the idea of him being a perfectionist, and around 14 minutes in, he questions who wrote the questions being asked. Two very interesting legends are at work on this episode. (“>
  • The Pauly Shore Podcast Show “Ep 21 – Chris Kattan” – Say what you want about Pauly Shore as an actor and comic, but his family is responsible for countless stand-up icons via their ownership of The Comedy Store. In turn, Pauly's podcast guests are usually fantastic. Unfortunately, this episode with Chris Kattan is an example of what happens when you have a host that does not listen actively, as paired with a guest that does not want to be open about his problems. But for the last half of the episode, Comedy Store talent booker Adam Eget is interviewed and he interestingly explains his process behind selecting talent for the legendary venue. (“>
  • Comedy Bang Bang “#367: Bits, Riffs, and Friendships” – For those who have never listened to the Scott Aukerman-hosted Comedy Bang Bang, it is one of the funnier podcasts out there, yet also one of the most meta podcasts. This episode's guests are Tim Heidecker (from Tim & Eric), Brett Gelman (from Married and Another Period) and Jon Daly (from Kroll Show). The three guests, all excellent improvisers, spend the episode feuding and then making up quite a few times. Expect a lot of laughs and a lot of absurdity as no other podcast is like this — please disregard what Brett Gelman says he does to critics' reviews, however. ( if there are any podcast highlights I may have missed.