May 24, 2019

Podcast news and reviews – 8/7/2015

Thanks to all of the Jewish Journal readers (and podcast community followers) for last week's warm welcome.

Fortunately, there were a lot of interesting moments within the podcast world over the past week, therefore plenty to write about:

Highlights from the week of August 7, 2015:

MLW Radio “The Life & Times Of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper – Last week's sudden passing of legendary wrestler, actor, podcaster and comic “>Matt Farmer discussed Roddy's lengthy career, pointing out just how original of a character he was. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Roddy's podcast co-host “>

The Mild Adventures Of Fred Stoller “Writing On Seinfeld With Sam Kass” – A few years ago, Fred Stoller wrote an “>Charles Zucker briefly discusses his conversion to Orthodox Judaism. “>

The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart “Episode 20: With Jon Stewart” – The ironically-named podcast hosted by Daily Show writers and producers had an “exit interview” of sorts with their boss Jon Stewart. While the episode's participants never manage to fully address Jon's departure from the show, they do talk at length about the show's catering. In turn, this is a light-hearted 26 minutes which will remind listeners of how funny Jon Stewart can be no matter the topic at hand. (“>Frank Santopadre often focuses on character actors and old Hollywood anecdotes, giving Gilbert the chance to do very inappropriate impressions. In this episode, Gilbert talks to his “>

The Champs “Wanda Sykes” – 58 minutes into this episode, which features an excellent conversation with Wanda Sykes in front of a live audience, Champs co-hosts “>Moshe Kosher both explained why they had not released a new episode in months. Neal was in Europe working on a high-profile commercial campaign, while Moshe was working on the forthcoming “>Natasha Leggero of hilarious new series Another Period. ( if there are any podcast highlights I may have missed.

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