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WATCH: What really made the Holocaust happen?

After living in Germany for almost two years, I’ve often wondered how such an educated, polite, nice, modern people belong to a nation that committed such a horrible crime. I think I’ve finally found the answers.

We often talk about antisemitism, but antisemitism existed, and still exists, everywhere. Germans have certain quirks and idiosyncrasies that made them more susceptible to a Jew-hating dictator. Some are stereotypical (like their love of authority) while some are lesser known (like the men are unseduceable).

As “Dr. Orit,” German’s personal psychologist, I put Germany on the couch in my new webisode “Germany on the Couch,” produced by the German e-zine, Die Achse Des Guten, and present the “six qualities that made the Holocaust happen.” Not to worry. I also offer a remedy!