September 18, 2019

Never trust a skinny chef??

Absolutely untrue.

The answer is yes you should! Overweight chefs may show their love of food, but that food will likely be replete with unnecessary carbs and dairy, unhealthy fats and sugars.

My cooking is different. I used to be 25-30 lbs overweight, and even though I wanted to make changes, I didn't want to have to sacrifice eating decadently in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Instead I explore clean ingredients and recipes, and travel all over the world learning how to cook using ingredients that are unprocessed, and easy for your body to digest. My cooking is wholesome, 100% delicious, and consciously designed using ingredients that will support the body's systems. And I have NO SECRETS!! Find my #recipes on my blog or join me in class: LA/NYC.

And as for trusting a fat chef? That's up to you!

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