November 21, 2018

“Doctored Up” Trader Joe’s GF Brownies with Sea Salt

Who knew that the best brownies in the world would.….

    1. come from a box (or in this case a bag).

    2. take 5 minutes and zero brain power.

    3. be gluten free.

    4. all be bought with a one stop shop at Trader Joes for under ten bucks!?!


These are “doctored up” because I add an extra 6-7 doses of chocolate plus a sprinkling of sea salt on the top.



    Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Brownie Mix

    1 egg

    1 stick of butter

    ¼ cup water

    ½ cup of Trader Joe’s cocoa powder

    3oz Valharona or Trader Joe’s 70% “>Wanna take cooking classes with me? Go to If you would like my recipes directly to your inbox sign up here.