October 13, 2019

Perfect Summer Sangria [Recipe]

Sangria is tricky. Made well, it is a mouth-enlivening sensory experience formed by the perfect marriage between earthy notes of good wine and the sweet acidity of juicy fruits.

At worst, it is a hangover that doesn’t quit and a headache that splits temples in two. I’ve been there.

The first sangria I attempted was for my own going away party in Rome, the first time I lived there, circa 1997. Raquel, a Spanish friend of mine who I met in language class several years prior, had told me how to make sangria. Red wine, fruit, lemon soda and vodka. My head hurts just writing those words. I ruined my own party for myself. The headache I think came with the first sip. I have no idea if any other Spaniard in the world would agree with her sangria recipe, but I learned a very valuable life lesson from that experience: Do not add sugar (or lemon soda which is filled with sugar) or vodka to red wine.

Sometimes it is only through downfall that one rises to great heights. After that party, I think I made a secret pledge to erase the disaster by bringing a perfect sangria forth to share with the world. It took me 15 years, but here it is.

This sangria is perfect because it uses Moscato d’Asti, a favorite light bubbly Italian dessert wine, mixed with a dry rosé to create a crisp blend of wines that is just sweet enough and just strong enough. The color of the mixture reflects the sun rays of summer and once the fruit is added, you will be serving a work of art created from the greatest delights our earth provides us.

As is true when preparing most dishes, let God do the work. Just add the fruit to the wines and step back to let the quality of the ingredients radiate their innate goodness.


  • 1 bottle chilled Moscato d’Asti
  • 1 bottle chilled good rosé wine
  • FRUIT AND FRESH HERBS: choose from the following that you find through your local farmer’s market (the amount is a suggestion – not a rule. You can’t mess this up!!)